How do I register on SchoolKhojo?

Click on “Sign Up” link on the top right hand corner of the website. You have to choose the user type as “Advertiser”. It will take not more than 30 seconds to fill the form. You must read the Policy and Terms & Condition and check the box to agree to it.

Why does the form ask for my mobile number in the registration form?

We need genuine users only on the site. And the mobile number also will be helpful to send urgent messages and for future apps.

What is My Account page?

Your profile details are mentioned on the My Account profile which can be changed anytime except your email id. Never use company email id as when you shift to a new company all the data about schools will be lost. The best is to use the personal email id that you use every day.

My account page is the best way to track what schools you have shortlisted, what comments and reviews you have posted, what schools you have rated without your name, what schools you have asked to send alerts, what schools you want to visit, what schools you have given feedback, what replies you have received and what schools you have applied to for admission.

Can I change my mobile number?

Yes, you may change your mobile number and all other details at any point of time.

If have forgotten my password?

Chill, all you have to do it click “forgot password” while logging in and you will get to change your password to a new one.

How do I place an Advertisement on SchoolKhojo?

Click on the footer at the bottom of any page “ Advertise & Feature” link.

You will reach a page where it is mentioned “Advertise your products/ services meant for children”. At the bottom, click an orange button to know more about the duration, image sizes and changes for the advertisements.

What products and services can I advertise on SchoolKhojo?

Read below and ensure that your product / service is meant either for the welfare of the children or the schools or their parents that will in turn help children.

Following list is a guide:

* Advertise Any Product like Books, Toys, Shoes, Clothes for kids, Stationary etc.

* Advertise Software like Smart Teaching/ Learning Tools ERP, School Management Systems, School Apps, Websites, Portals, ecommerce etc

* Advertise Services like Canteen, Transport, Teacher Training, School Management, Library, Staff & Housekeeping Services etc

* Advertise Your Camps, Adventure Trips, Sports Camps etc

* Advertise Any Coaching Class, Tuition Class, Sparta & Games Coaching, Art Class, Dance & Music Class, Personality Class

* Special Classes for Brain & Mind Growth, Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Health Quotient, Coaching Classes for Exams, Career Analysis, Personality Analysis etc

* Advertise Your School, Coaching Center, Activity Center etc

* You can not advertise anything that violates our Terms & Policy Agreement

* If any uploaded image violates our Terms & Policy, your Advertisement will be rejected with no refund.

I am not sure of the image size for the advertisement?

The image size will be sent to you when you click the orange box in the

What are the charges for the advertisements?

The charges will be sent to you when you click the orange box in the

What are the duration for which I can place advertisements?

The duration will be sent to you when you click the orange box in the

How do I make payment for the advertisements?

The payment details will be sent to you when you click the orange box in the

How is a Newsletter useful to an Advertiser?

As an Advertiser, you can choose to request SchoolKhojo for a paid slot in the Newsletter about your product or service.

You reach the entire parent, student, teacher and schools in India, that are registered members of SchoolKhojo.

You can pass on some great offers from to our parents and children about upcoming camps, adventures, toys, uniforms, stationary, books, footwear, restaurants and movies.

We want to resist the spammers and copy cats. Registration is the first way.

What is the My Account?

My Account will help you update your profile, password and images. You can track all you advertisements here.

How do I know my information is safe?

We are never going to ask you to give us your credit card or debit card numbers or pins. Hence do not ever post it online too. For all other information we have built a very robust system that should protect us from the viruses, bugs, hackers and robots.

Why is my ipaddress tracked?

We want to protect your information and hence it is necessary to track all visitors of this website, which is done via the ipaddress.

How do I give testimonials to SchoolKhojo.

Click contact us form and select Testimonial as subject. That’s all.

How do I post an Event?

Click on “Add Event” in the Footer of the website. Upload an image relevant with your event and write a few descriptions. Then select the option of display duration. Once you “Submit” the details, you have done your work. Wait for a few days as we get loads of events. We will go through the events and description and approve the relevant once.

How do I add my own video for children?

You can fill the form “Add Video” found in the footer. Once it is approved, your video will be displayed.

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