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Online Application for school admission is a dream of most parents.

Today, we can buy everything online. Sitting in your sofa or office chair, if you could send application forms to the schools you like, what a relief!

Imagine the hassle of taking leave from the office, visiting 10-15 schools one by one in 1 weeks time, requesting them to let you visit the schools, then standing in the queue to collect the application form, going back to fill it and then coming back again to the school to submit the form! This sentence in itself sounds to painful and cumbersome, imagine you have to execute it!

Applying online is our tribute to all the parents who have trusted Madhurie Singh and SchoolKhojo. 

Initially, there will be very few list of schools that will have online admission application process, but I promise you it will be not the same.

Filling the Online Application forms on SchoolKhojo has lots of hidden benefits:

  • You fill the application form only once. Then every time you want to apply to another school, you just have to click once. That's all
  • You can change information filled in the form until the school has received your application form. Can you do it offline ever?
  • You can reapply every quarter
  • You can see the status of the application every time you log into your My Account Page on SchoolKhojo
  • You can ask reasons as we believe in transparency

What you have to do?

  • Go to your My Account page
  • Click and fill all details in My Profile section
  • Click and fill all details in Child section
  • Fill Online Application Form for the Child
  • Go to the Apply Online icon and fill the city, school type, school name

That's it.

So keep clicking on the Apply Online Red Icon on the right hand top corner and keep sending your application form.

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