Find Best School

Find Best School Wizard is a simple yet very useful tool for all parents who are searching for a school as per their child’s abilities and strengths.

Find Best School is is based on the 8 years of experience of the school reviewer and expert Madhurie Singh, who has been assisting parents find the best school in Pune.

Personally she uses close to 30 parameters to filter schools and suggest the most suitable school.

Mind you, Best School is a relative term. What is Best for me, may not be best for you!

Hence, Best School is in reality, the Most Suitable School for your child.

The Wizard "Find Best School" asks you questions related to your city, location, preferences in schools, board, teachers, infrastructure, extracurricular activities, safety, hygiene and more than 300 parameters. 

These hundreds of parameters are grouped into bunch of preferences that you must choose and then select the specific preferences within each group. 

You can always go back a step to refine your preferences. When you finally hit the button "Find Best School", you will see close to 2-3 schools that are most suitable to you based on all the parameters you entered. 

Next step can be more detailed study of each school and comparison of all the schools from the above list. 

There is no right way to Find the best school. You may first browse schools you have heard of and compare them or you may start by comparing the schools first and then getting into their details later.

Either way, the result should be the same. 

Do read the reviews of the parents and expert on each school page to know the 360 degree view of any school.

So what are you waiting for. 

Ready steady go!

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