How we rate schools

Ratings are of several type on which are protected by copyright.

Public Rating

Each School will have yellow gold stars displayed in front of its name in listing or on its School Page. This is the rating collected from parents, students, teachers who are the registered members of the website. This Rating is an average of the cumulative sum of the ratings for each factor that a user gives to a particular school. This rating is from 1-10 scale. Rating 1, being least favorable rating and rating 10, being most favorable rating.

Public Reviews

Each School will have Review along with the number of reviews on each listing and its School Page. These are collected from the registered parents, students and teachers of a school. Every rating will have a review or explanation. The Schools can get to act on any low rating by reading the review for the same. Similarly, the Schools can maintain their current standards for all highly rated parameters and the justification given for high ratings.

If a School works on the low rated parameters, the user will be also requested to review his/her rating and reviews. This new rating/review will replace the older rating/review. Thus enabling a happy parent/student/teacher and a happy school.

Recommend School

Parents/ Students/ Teachers can recommend a school by giving a Thumbs Up or vice versa.

Popular School

On the Homepage there is a list of popular school for all the categories of institutes.

This is not rated but computed using a slightly complicated formula that takes into account the Public Rating, the, total number of views of a School Page, the number of Thumbs Up Thumbs Down.

On any given day, the Popular School will change dynamically based on which school is viewed more or rated highly or recommended.

Expert’s Choice

On the Homepage, there will be Expert’s pick of one school from each category of schools. This is based on the Expert’s independent choice and has nothing to do with ratings or rankings.

City Ranking and All India Ranking

City based Ranking and All India Ranking of the schools is the most complicated formula and will not be disclosed. Yet, a slight hint is provided for the schools to work on their ranking.

The Ranking of the school is based on the weighted mean of 30 parameters that matter to the parents, students and teachers that is viewed only by the registered schools on the website

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