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How do I register on SchoolKhojo?

Click on “Sign Up” link on the top right hand corner of the website. You have to choose the user type as “School”. Then not more than 30 seconds to fill the form. You must read the Policy and Terms & Condition and check the box to agree to it. Click Submit to complete your registration process.

Why should I wait for activation email?

You will receive an email from SchoolKhojo to verify you email address. This is very important to ensure there are no spammers. This is for your own benefit.

What is My Account page?

Your profile details are mentioned on the My Account profile which can be changed anytime except your email id. Never use company email id as when you shift to a new company all the data about schools will be lost. The best is to use the personal email id that you use every day.

My account page is the best way to track what schools you have shortlisted, what comments and reviews you have posted, what schools you have rated without your name, what schools you have asked to send alerts, what schools you want to visit, what schools you have given feedback, what replies you have received and what schools you have applied to for admission.

Can I change my mobile number?

Yes, you may change your mobile number and all other details at any point of time.

If have forgotten my password?

Chill, all you have to do it click “forgot password” while logging in and you will get to change your password to a new one.

How to create a SchoolPage?

Go to My Account. Select “Click to Add A School” button CLICK TO ADD A SCHOOL . Fill the information on each page tab. Submit the photos, videos, application forms and brochures. Keep saving the information after each Tab is filled.

How do I change information in the SchoolPage / Form?

Go to My Account. Select “Click to Add A School” button EDIT SCHOOL . Click the tab where you need to change information. Write new information wherever needed. Click Submit and your information will change on the SchoolPage. Keep saving the information after any information is changed.

What does Claim Your School mean?

If you have not created the SchoolPage that has the name of your school, you must claim it by filling this Claim Your School Request Form. This form will tell us that you are interested in the SchoolPage on SchoolKhojo.

After we verify your form details by checking the credentials of the person claiming the school, you will be allowed to claim and own the SchoolPage.

What are the benefits of claiming / owning the SchoolPage?

  • You manage the Highlights of your school
  • You manage all the information on your SchoolPage independently
  • You manage the images of the school by changing them
  • You can see who and how many parents have added your school in their list
  • You manage the Alerts, Visits and Brochures to the parents
  • You manage the Feedbacks and Inaccuracy reports
  • You can copy the code of your school badge and display on your website
  • You can add events of your School on the schoolpage
  • You can feature your school
  • You can be part of the Find Best School wizard
  • You can be mentioned on the monthly Newsletter
  • You will be able to get details of the applicants applying for online admission

What is the meaning of Views?

Just above your school photo list, there is a count called View. It tells you how many people have clicked your school page till today. This number is used to calculate the popularity of a school along with many other factors.

What are Alerts?

When you check the box to receive any alert of a school, there may be admission date, admission related information and admission list and many such information that are part of Alerts, that will be sent to you in your email or mobile.

Alert feature is active only for verified mobile numbers who are premium members.

You will also receive alerts about the school events and many events in your city that you may not want to miss. They can be school fairs, admission workshops, seminars on schools, exam related events, sports and extracurricular events. 

How can my school register for Find the Best School wizard ?

You must have your SchoolPage on SchoolKhojo to be registered for Find Best School wizard. It is Free.

What does SchoolKhojo Newsletter provide?

The Newsletter will send you a pack of all the monthly new schools added, expert choice of various school types, school events, new video uploaded for children and the latest addition into the worksheets / articles for various classes and various subjects.

You will also get updates of the upcoming school mela, awards and products/ services that are good for your children. There are many extracurricular activities that you will get to read and learn relevant for your child via these newsletters.

We will also pass on some great offers from various companies that are willing to share it with you on camps, adventures, toys, uniforms, stationary, books, footwear, restaurants and movies.

What are the popular schools?

There are many schools that are popular due to age or quality or advertisement or branding. These are the schools that are known to most of the parents. Check How we rate Schools? in the footer for details.

What is the expert’s choice of schools?

Experts on SchoolKhojo from various cities have their opinion based on their expertise. This is not based on popularity of the school. . Check How we rate Schools? in the footer for details.

What is the difference between the reviews and the comments?

Comments are not necessarily any review of a school. It may be a simple query asked by a parent. But a Review is a very specific review about a particular parameter of a school. . Check How we rate Schools? in the footer for details.

How does my school get Parents’ ratings?

Click the icon “Rate School” and you will be able to go to the SchoolPage. Click Parent’s Rating and Reviews. You will see the various parameters and stars that you have to click to rate the school on each parameter. . Check How we rate Schools? in the footer for details.

What are Parents’ reviews and how is it different from

Parents can give their feedback about each parameter, so that when you read their feedback, you work on the reviews. Check How we rate Schools? in the footer for details.

Is it possible to change the review written by the parents?

Yes! But only the user who has posted can change the review. It depend only on the user.

How do I know the city / all India ranking of a school?

Click the icon on the top right hand corner of the page. You have to select the type and city to reach the schoolpage. There you have to click the scroll (yes kings used them too). Check How we rate Schools? in the footer for details.

Why are you making information available only to registered members?

We want to resist the spammers and copy cats. Registration is the first way.

How do I know my school information is safe?

We are never going to ask you to give us your credit card or debit card numbers or pins. Hence do not ever post it online too. For all other information we have built a very robust system that should protect us from the viruses, bugs, hackers and robots.

Why is my ipaddress tracked?

We want to protect your information and hence it is necessary to track all visitors of this website, which is done via the ipaddress.

What is that link to submit “Report Inaccuracy / Add information” under school tabs?

If a parent finds that some information is not correct or old, they can submit the correct information. You can view the information and decide to use it or not.

How do reply to the feedbacks?

Click the Feedback under My Account. Click the button “Reply “ next to the feedback.

How do I post an Event?

Click on “Add Event” in the Footer of the website. Upload an image relevant with your event and write a few descriptions. Then select the option of display duration. Once you “Submit” the details, you have done your work. Wait for a few days as we get loads of events. We will go through the events and description and approve the relevant once.

How do I add video of my school?

You can fill the form “Add Video” found in the footer. Once it is approved, your video will be displayed.

How to advertise on SchoolKhojo?

Click the link Advertise & Feature in the footer of any page of and choose the right plan.

How to feature my school on SchoolKhojo?

Click the link Advertise & Feature in the footer of any page of and choose the right plan.

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