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Be Responsible (Safe and Respectful)
This video teaches young kids (toddlers and preschoolers) the importance of being Responsible, Respectful and Safe. It is essential that these values be imbibed in kids at an early age. 


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Bhargavi Kshitij holds a postgraduate degree in Economics and has 5 years experience in the corporate world. She has a panache for languages and possesses excellent linguistic and communication skills. Her daughter is of utmost priority to her. SchoolKhojo gives her the opportunity to contribute to the education sector, where the future of her child as well as many other children of this nation is dependent on! The toughest decision, every parent faces, of choosing the right school for their child, is made simple and hassle free by the Brand Ambassadors of SchoolKhojo. Her intention is to make this journey of parenting easier and more memorable for herself and millions of other mothers.