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Books are her Best Friend!
Being a mother of a toddler, I find my daughter doing a variety of activities daily and have seen her switching her interests on a daily basis.
     She is yet to find and decide on her hobby and passion in life as she  still have years to explore the world before she chooses one. I am not in a hurry, I want to give her a few years of freedom to explore everything with an open mind and decide what she loves doing because that's what her age is meant to be!
    But, there is one thing that i have always found her in love with, " Her Books"! She has always loved her books ranging from nursery rhymes to the colourfull storybooks and sometimes even the books that her parents read. She just Loves them all. They are full of colours,cartoons and other new things for her. Each book teaches her one different/new thing, colour and concept. She explores the world through her books...things, animals,concepts that she is yet to know, see and touch. She loves learning them with the help of her books. She loves her drawing books too, which give her the opportunity to create a different world, her own world, the way she likes with the colour she chooses!
     She simply loves her bedtime stories that daddy reads out for her every night. This is one special time she loves to spend with her loving Daddy.When daddy is not around (being a Sailor) she miss her fun times with her Dad and her books. But, anyways mommy is there to compensate by reading them to her.
       We, as parents love and enjoy her love for books because we know this is a never ending fun. Books will remain her friends for life, her valued possession! We love to see her having fun,learning and growing with her books. We hope she continues reading and enjoying learning new things from her friends for life....Her Books!


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Neha Sinha, a Microbiologist and a teacher with 5 years of experience in teaching school and college students at a Homoeopathic Medical College and Nursing Colleges too. She is an avid reader and loves music. She lives in Pune and is Married to a Merchant Navy Officer. A mother of a lively 3 year old daughter,who is actually the reason why she started following Madhurie Singh, a school reviewer & blogger and then Neha came to know about the concept of "School Khojo". Realising her own needs of a proper choice of a school for her daughter, she became aware of a lack of proper platform for assessing educational institutions which can even team up with the school to solve their issues too. Running around helpless earlier, even when looking for a proper playgroup for her kid, the glaring absence of proper guidance in deciding which school to choose, became all the more evident. Since then, she has been involved with School Khojo, an initiative by school reviewer Madhurie Singh which gives the power of choice back to the parents.