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Easy Craft ideas for Kids

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

How important is it for a parent and child to spend time in creative projects together? I often hear parents say,” I would love to make creative projects with my child but not sure how to do it as I am not a craft person!!” Parents let me tell you, you need not be a craft person to get started. Being creative with your children requires no special skills or tools but your precious time.

A survey revealed that creative interactions with your child benefit his/her cognitive development. Arts and crafts engage multiple brain areas simultaneously and improve bilateral coordination between the left and right sides of the brain, leading to immediate and future cognitive development. • Activities like arts and crafts accelerate the development of muscles in the hands and fingers, improving fine motor skills that are essential for school success in the earliest formal years.

Here are some simple crafts I’m hoping that I can show you there is always time to bond and spend creative time together. It’s SO simple!!

Things you need are: Ice creams sticks and spoons, fevicol, different color foam sheets, googly eyes, crayons, scissors and black marker (all are easily available in the market)


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Aishah is a graduate in commerce, a certified ECE and Craft teacher and currently working in an established school as a preschool teacher. Teaching has been her profession since 5 years. Aishah was associated with Madhurie Singh in her venture called SuperIndianKid as an Art and Craft Coach. Later she had her own preschool for 3 years too. Aishah is a mother of a 11 yrs daughter and an 8 yrs old son who have inspired her to be in this noble field of Education. Aishah dreams to make schools, a place where every child is nurtured, taught, and groomed to be good citizens and compassionate about their surroundings. SchoolKhojo, an initiative by Madhurie Singh, gave an oppurtunity and a platform to Aishah and many other moms to fulfill their dreams. She is undergoing a program to be a reviewer of schools in india and later work as certified Brand Ambassador for SchoolKhojo.