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How My Hobby Shaped My Career

How My Hobby Shaped My Career

Art has always been my favourite interest since childhood. My father was never supportive as he felt this it will affect my academics and he would further add, “Art is not going to fetch you anything.” This did not stop me. I would always do it in his absence, and express my feelings and mood through Art. I was self-motivated, and gave me immense pleasure. Though I never had any formal training but learnt with my own experiences.

I then started teaching kids and later went ahead with a Diploma course. Here I came across the Art of making Teaching Aids for preschool kids. I fell in love with it!

Now currently working as a teacher I make my own teaching aids based on the concepts I teach. Art and Craft keeps me alive and creativity gives a sense of achievement too, as my teaching aids are circulated in other classes as well.

With time this hobby has shaped my career and gave me recognition in schools and among friends. I conduct workshops for teachers both preprimary and primary schools.

Therefore never let that love for your hobby or any interest fade with time, as hobbies might turn out to be a part of your career and work is playtime not a job!


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Aishah is a graduate in commerce, a certified ECE and Craft teacher and currently working in an established school as a preschool teacher. Teaching has been her profession since 5 years. Aishah was associated with Madhurie Singh in her venture called SuperIndianKid as an Art and Craft Coach. Later she had her own preschool for 3 years too. Aishah is a mother of a 11 yrs daughter and an 8 yrs old son who have inspired her to be in this noble field of Education. Aishah dreams to make schools, a place where every child is nurtured, taught, and groomed to be good citizens and compassionate about their surroundings. SchoolKhojo, an initiative by Madhurie Singh, gave an oppurtunity and a platform to Aishah and many other moms to fulfill their dreams. She is undergoing a program to be a reviewer of schools in india and later work as certified Brand Ambassador for SchoolKhojo.