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How To Help Our Little Once With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety, this is the intense fear or anxiety that occurs when a parent or caregiver leaves the child. This typically develops around the same time with almost all children in this universe and believe me you are not only the one.

The first is when you leave child with another person, they cry when you leave because they fear that you will be gone forever. They may burst into tears when you return. They cry because your return reminds me how they felt when you left, and now that you are back, they are afraid that you may leave again. Separation anxiety is also expressed when you are home but are not right beside me. Even though you may be in the same room, they may become anxious and cry because you aren't close enough to them. This may occur even though they are the only who crawled or walked to a different part of the room. 

Most two-year to four year-olds go through a period when they relate better to one parent at a time. During this phase, they may want only Mommy or only Daddy to help them. This may be difficult for parent. If they want Mommy only, Mommy grows exhausted from trying to meet all their needs while Daddy feels left out and unloved. At the same time, they often very possessive of mother, father, and siblings. For example, they may tell another child, "You can't talk to him; he is my daddy."

Do's and Don'ts

Ø  Keep a relaxed and happy expression on your face when you’re leaving your child. If you seem worried or sad, your child might think the place isn’t safe and can get upset too.

Ø  Avoid sneaking out on your child when leaving. Although it might seem easier at the time, children may feel confused or betrayed when they realize you’re gone. When leaving your child with someone, tell your child that he will be safe and that you will be back soon.

Ø  Give your child some time with the babysitter so your child has a chance to get more comfortable before you leave.

Ø  Earlier in the day, let your child know that a sitter is coming, who it will be, and how long you will be gone.

Ø  Let your child know that the sitter will keep them safe.

Ø  Tell her how much you love her, where you are going, and when you’ll be back.

Ø  Give your child something to look forward to when you return, like reading a book together.

   Separation anxiety is a phase of a child and we can help our little one go through it happily if we educate our self and make them ready.





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Ruchi Tiwari , A certified Early childhood (ECE) teacher (Foothill College, USA) with MS in Microbiology. She has 8 years of experience in student teaching while 3 years of staff training. After working as a site supervisor of an After School program and conducting four summer camps in United States she moved to India with her family 2013 after a long stay. It took around one year to decide how to pay kids back the joy they have given her in past eight years. She have visited so many public schools, preschools and day cares in India, they had lots of to offer to child but there are lots of improvement needed in terms of hygiene, security, and respect of children. These key points should be at the higher priority but somehow the neglected once in Indian schooling. Surprisingly no one is accountable for the same. Ruchi had so many thoughts in her mind but did not know what to do and then she learned about founded by Madhurie Singh. She ’ve had my doubts and fears, but as the proverb says: “All roads lead to Rome”, Oh yes they do… Here she is , feeling absolutely blessed, motivated ,working towards right path of goodwill, profit and joy. Schoolkhojo has given her a life time goal. Parenting is a wonderful joy and a great challenge. It has taught us to appreciate the position other parents are in so let’s make this beautiful journey of change fulfilled!!!