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How to talk to Teens?

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In the past few months I have been dealing with plenty of teenage issues, thanks to our free and open communication –


Over the months we have discussed about almost everything - relationships, social media, self-image, breakups, crushes, gossiping etc.  These topics have been both fun and funny and immensely interactive to say the least.

In most cases we give our own examples to normalize the hype behind the obvious teenage stuff.


Teenagers are confusing creatures. They love you, they hate you, they ask for your opinion, they are annoyed with your opinion and that’s within 30 seconds. They feel such inner turmoil, which is terrifying for everyone to experience .


Getting a conversation going with a teen can feel like trying to move a building with a crowbar. If you’re having a hard time engaging your teen in conversation, some of what follows may help.

Begin by committing to one hour a week of a unique type of conversation i.e., one 60-minute period or three 20-minute periods. In this conversation  pay attention and express positive thoughts and feelings to your teen, including empathy. Try to avoid teaching, correcting, moralizing, etc., during this hour. You can sit on your teen’s bed at night and begin conversation about the day. Sharing your own day and asking about his/her. Engage with one another in meaningful and intentional ways. So that teen is open to tell you that,


"Mom, I need to tell you about a problem I'm having, but I need you to just listen, OK? Don't give me advice — I just want you to know what's bothering me."


There are plenty of innovative ways of how we have to keep talking to teens.

Parents should give their children the option to ask them anything directly . So that they get the correct answers of their questions.


Life doesn’t always happen as you plan it out in your head. There have been hurdles, and I’m sure there are more waiting for me, but I’m happy with the decisions I’ve made. There are times when I win, and there are times when I lose. No matter what the result is, I will try harder the next time to be better.


So Keep talking….




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