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A few days ago I read a story on somebody's Facebook page. The story revolved around the famous inventor Thomas Edison. One day young Edison was sent home from school with a note for his mother. His mother took the note and read it out loud to her child, "your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn't have good teachers to train him. Please teach him yourself!" As many of you know, Edison went on to become a genius inventor most noteworthy for the world's first incandescent lightbulb. After his mother's death, Edison was going through her personal belongings when he came across a folded note stuck in the back of a drawer. The note read, "your son is addled (crazy), we will not let him come to school anymore."

This inspiring story really made me sit down and think... The sole reason behind Edison's genius was that his mother believed in him! When all the educators of his time thought him to be crazy, it was only his mother's love, her patience and her faith in her son that led her to bring out the genius in him.

Today, as parents we are unwittingly a part of the educational rat race that is predominant in our society. The best schools, competitive exams, scholarships et al. In our race to conform to our social standards, are we reforming the genius out of our children? Do we have the courage to stand by them and let them pursue their own crazy dreams?

The best gift you can give to your children is your unwavering support. Believe in your children! Believe in their hopes! Believe in their dreams! stand by them and become their anchor as you give them wings to fly.


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Sapna Bhosle is a proud mother of two beautiful girls, aged 13 and 7. For Her motherhood happened at the tender age of 19 and brought with it all the joy, wonder, amusement and bewilderment that only a mother can experience! She is a chocolatier by profession and currently studying German at MMB, Pune. she hopes to be a German Language trainer in the future. She joined hands with Madhurie Singh as a Brand Ambassador in her novel venture 'Schoolkhojo' because she believes that 'mothers know best' and when mothers become brand ambassadors they become a driving force of change-makers in the Indian education system.