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Learning can be FUN, And be assured the kids won't RUN!

Language skills are very important to be successful in any field, and inculcating this in a child at an early age is beneficial. In fact, sooner we start the better, more fruitful.

The peculiarity of the English language is that it has a lot of rhyming words. Rhyming words are typically those that have the same ending sounds, but they are not spelt the same. Such words are extensively used in poetry.

If delved deeper into, there are lots of variants of rhymes/rhyming words like Perfect Rhymes, General Rhymes, Identical Rhymes Eye Rhymes and Mind Rhymes. But this write up will cater to only preschoolers or toddlers.

Kids learn words, spellings and pronunciation faster if they are introduced to this concept. They not only learn, but also retain and remember the words. For toddlers,learning should be through fun or play way method. And rhyming words is one of the best ways to make it fun learning! They also learn about the patterns, rhythms, and structure of language through rhymes.

Here is an attempt to make learning fun for kids through introduction of rhyming words.

A boy had a TOY

It gave him lot of JOY.

It was a red CAR

and it could go FAR.

His sister was TALL

And she had a blue BALL.

A friend got a BAT

Along with a CAT

They sat on a MAT.

Now they had 3 toys to PLAY

And they found a WAY

Where each could GET

A chance with the PET.

They gave fish to the CAT

But the cat wanted the RAT.

So they hunted under the BED

so that the cat could be FED.

But the rat was not SEEN

Don't know where it had BEEN.

Then the kids wanted to EAT

Had some bread made of WHEAT.

Along with some JAM

And pieces of the vegetable YAM

After the healthy MEAL

They made a DEAL

To nap for a WHILE

And then read a book with a SMILE!

This simple story describes the way toddlers typically spend their time in a day, viz. play, nap, eat and read something. With this non-fancy, non-exaggerated story, kids can relate it to their own schedule and at the same time recognize rhyming words and reproduce it as and when required. Parents could make such short stories with their own imagination. The story should be concise and crisp, yet have a continuity. It should also make sense, not to assume that toddlers do not give priority to this. Include simple words, which is easily


-Retained, and


by the toddler.

Happy story rhyming :)

Watch this space for the next write up on introducing phonics to your child right at home!


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Bhargavi Kshitij holds a postgraduate degree in Economics and has 5 years experience in the corporate world. She has a panache for languages and possesses excellent linguistic and communication skills. Her daughter is of utmost priority to her. SchoolKhojo gives her the opportunity to contribute to the education sector, where the future of her child as well as many other children of this nation is dependent on! The toughest decision, every parent faces, of choosing the right school for their child, is made simple and hassle free by the Brand Ambassadors of SchoolKhojo. Her intention is to make this journey of parenting easier and more memorable for herself and millions of other mothers.