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Learning Vedic Maths is a joyful activity!

During my knowledge sharing period in a school where I worked as an educator. I learned about the Vedic maths and its benefits.  Developed the interest towards it which made me learn Vedic maths. Followed by conducting the basic level course on Vedic Maths. I found it so interesting, I could not stop myself sharing my experience here.

It is magic until you understand it, and it is mathematics thereafter.

Ever tried solving 7854 X 9999 mentally? Most children would take one look at the sum and give up. They find solving simple arithmetical sums taxing, let alone the tough ones. The best tool to hand over to children in such a situation is Vedic Mathematics. It makes calculations 10-15 times faster and simpler!

Vedic Mathematics is an ancient system of mathematics. In contrast to conventional methods that encourages students to use calculators, Vedic system offers simple, direct, easy to grasp, one line or mental solutions by using the most amazing machine within human reach, The Brain.

As the name says Vedic maths, was rediscovered from the ‘Vedas’ ancient Indian scriptures, between 1911-1918 by Sri Bharathi Krisna Tirtha ji Maharaj (1184-1960), a scholar of Sanskrit, mathematics, philosophy, history. He studied these ancient texts for years and after the careful investigation was able to reconstruct a series of mathematical formulae called sutras.

Peripheral benefits such as

Increased concentration and enhanced logical thinking process.

A unique way of pedagogy for mathematics.

Based on sutras/aphorism of Vedic mathematics.

It makes learning mathematics fun, interesting and easy.

It makes students conceptually strong in math.

Optimum utilization of both left and right hemisphere of the brain.

Thus, adds a new dimension to the personality.

Help children to form a lifelong relation with mathematics and teaches them to fall in love with numbers.


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She is MSc in Mathematics; Post Graduate Diploma in computer application worked as Software Application Support in Singapore few years ago and then moved to Pune in 2004. She did MBA in Human Resources from SMU in Pune. She accepted a challenge to be an educator in an International school in Pune. Worked there for a year and learned great things “We all are from community of learners.” So currently, contributing to bring the revolutionary refinement in education system in India and bridging the gaps between parents and schools via schoolkhojo and with Madhurie Singh Founder and CEO of