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Motherhood - Be Present Not Perfect

Over the years, I've learned that while there are some things you can control and be "perfect", most you cannot. The biggest of those things is Motherhood.

Motherhood is crazy and messy and far from just being perfect. In a lot of ways, I think it's overly hyped.

However, I would love to say it is one of the best things happened to me and the best I have ever done.

It's just not always the way it appears...especially on social media. A lot of us post pictures of our adorable smiling children, in the park, playing in the pool etc with the caption "Fun time!" But in reality, that was about few seconds of our day. The rest involves our child screaming through the supermarket, getting chips, dal rice etc on the carpet at home, refusing to nap, refusing to eat their meal and these moments can just go on. Those moments of our day probably won't be uploaded to social media.Completely understand why.

The problem is that it can create an extremely horrible feeling of not being able to be that "perfect mom" where everything is in controls and running smoothly.

Striving to be "Super-Mom" is a fall we need to avoid. But while avoiding it, we also don't want to sit back, let the kids run wild, and scream from the roof top.... "It's okay! I'm not perfect!" it's not about caring what other mom’s think we are. When in reality, what's most important is the kind of mom our kids think we are.

Maybe today the heap of clothes to be kept back in place can wait and my kitchen can be a mess so that I can cuddle my daughter’s when they are back from school. I strive to be a mom who can let the house go for the day though it's tough, and get on the floor to play a bit more.I am trying to be the kind of mom who doesn't care about those bed creases,unwashed laundry,messy rooms but care about the 5 minutes my kids might need me to say "I'm here. I'm watching."

I am trying my best and would want you Mom’s as well to try.

Just an advice- Don't worry about trying to have it all together. Be present. Be playful Be Fun.That's the mom our kids will think is "Perfect".


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Nigar Lehry 33yrs from pune has completed her schooling and college in Mumbai and went ahead to complete Masters Diploma in Business Management from an institute in Pune affiliated with University of Wales.She has had the privilege to be a part of an advertising firm Lemon tree in Mumbai at the early start of her career and moved ahead to work with an UK based Pharma company and progressed to work with one of the most leading US banking firm J.P Morgan Chase. Being an extremely optimistic and dedicated person she moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE post marriage to take up responsibilities towards her new phase of married life. Fortunately she got to work with The Cambridge High School part of the famous Gems Educational Group, in UAE . Then she came across an article by Madhuri Singh during her hunt for her childrens schools. Thats when it dawned on her that like all other systems in India even the education system here has a lot of scope of improvement. Expecting things to change without trying to bring the change never worked. This is when she felt the connection and decided to join Madhuri Singh by being a part of Trying to bring about a positive change with the children or parents issues in the educational system was what she wanted and was in sync with Madhuri Singh 's vision. She then grabbed the opportunity given to her by Madhuri Singh to bring that change. All mother’s have the power to make positive changes in our childrens lives, “The question SHOULD NOT be who is going to LET US, it SHOULD BE who is going to STOP US”. Being a Brand Ambassador not only helps improve and solve issues of schools and other educational institutions but also gives immense satisfaction of helping the parents and children with solutions to their has given her the opportunity and she is out here to make the most of it.