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My daughter Anvi: A little Artist

Anvi is my six years old girl who loves to draw or create artistic things. Art has always been something she loves to do. So learning art doesn’t mean sitting still and being told about it, for Anvi it means doing it. It’s about her living it, feeling it, seeing it, molding it, shaping it, mixing it, finding it, creating it, imagining it. 

She started writing when she was 2.5 years old I knew she had a good hold on pencil but never knew this could turn into a passion. She is very good at observing people and putting them into paper, she would add details to her drawing too. At the age of six now she uses all form of colors like oil pestles, water colors, acrylic colors, poster colors, pencil colors, wax crayon etc.

I still have all those drawing; they hold such wonderful memories for me.
For me it’s about capturing it and being present in that moment when she calls out…”Mumma!!! Do you want to see what I’ve made?”I always look forward to see what she is going to make now. 

This is a piece of art she did with acrylic paint I love this painting and have it hanging in my living room.?


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Ruchi Tiwari , A certified Early childhood (ECE) teacher (Foothill College, USA) with MS in Microbiology. She has 8 years of experience in student teaching while 3 years of staff training. After working as a site supervisor of an After School program and conducting four summer camps in United States she moved to India with her family 2013 after a long stay. It took around one year to decide how to pay kids back the joy they have given her in past eight years. She have visited so many public schools, preschools and day cares in India, they had lots of to offer to child but there are lots of improvement needed in terms of hygiene, security, and respect of children. These key points should be at the higher priority but somehow the neglected once in Indian schooling. Surprisingly no one is accountable for the same. Ruchi had so many thoughts in her mind but did not know what to do and then she learned about founded by Madhurie Singh. She ’ve had my doubts and fears, but as the proverb says: “All roads lead to Rome”, Oh yes they do… Here she is , feeling absolutely blessed, motivated ,working towards right path of goodwill, profit and joy. Schoolkhojo has given her a life time goal. Parenting is a wonderful joy and a great challenge. It has taught us to appreciate the position other parents are in so let’s make this beautiful journey of change fulfilled!!!