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My Dreams to be a Footballer !

My son dreams to be a Footballer!

FIFA has made a great impact on my 8 years old son Ayaan, he has found his new love for the sport – FOOTBALL, and MESSI is his HERO. He questioned his father one day,” why did you not be a footballer like Messi!” My husband gave a dazed look and said, “Because I want you to be my HERO!” These words have motivated him to be, a footballer someday.

He has joined football coaching, since then. Never complains of the physical exercises the coach instructs, he runs on race course tracks and takes 7 rounds, and tells me with pride, “I could do it!” Plays matches with friends with the technique Sir has taught him. He is enjoying the whole experience so far and dreams, one day will play football as a part of FIFA. He wonders, if he will also earn playing football?, I laughed out loud, and said,"off course if you play well !"



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Aishah is a graduate in commerce, a certified ECE and Craft teacher and currently working in an established school as a preschool teacher. Teaching has been her profession since 5 years. Aishah was associated with Madhurie Singh in her venture called SuperIndianKid as an Art and Craft Coach. Later she had her own preschool for 3 years too. Aishah is a mother of a 11 yrs daughter and an 8 yrs old son who have inspired her to be in this noble field of Education. Aishah dreams to make schools, a place where every child is nurtured, taught, and groomed to be good citizens and compassionate about their surroundings. SchoolKhojo, an initiative by Madhurie Singh, gave an oppurtunity and a platform to Aishah and many other moms to fulfill their dreams. She is undergoing a program to be a reviewer of schools in india and later work as certified Brand Ambassador for SchoolKhojo.