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School Trips - So Much Fun and So Much to Learn
Field trips and excursions are something every child eagerly looks forward to during an academic year and these activities an integral part of every school curriculum. Sometimes, we, as parents are reluctant to send the child for such outings. But are these trips just for fun? Surely not,   they provide a host of exciting learning opportunities to the children. Some of the key reasons why the child should be a part of such trips are:

1. Going  out of the confines of the classroom break the monotony of simply going to school every day and present an opportunity for fun and relaxation for the students.

Ø2. The strict bounds of discipline are relaxed and children can happily be themselves.

Ø3. They provide a platform for social and emotional interactions between the children. They get to know the children from other (could be younger or older) classes and interact with other teachers as well. The teachers also, in turn, get a better understanding of the child.

Ø 4. It encourages group behavior like sharing, caring, showing concern and respect to one another.

It 5. It provides an opportunity for exploration and experiential learning which cannot be replicated in the classroom environment. 

Ø6. It offers an arena for exchange of ideas among children which helps in the intellectual development of the child.

Ø 7. It gives an opportunity to bring forth the hidden talents within a child like singing, dancing, dramatics or sports.

Ø8.  The children, during such trips, learn to adapt and adjust to the circumstances that come along.

Ø9.  It also makes the child independent – he learns to pack and unpack his bags. He behaves more responsibly and takes care of his own belongings and becomes more alert and observant.

So, dear parents, let your child step out and explore the world.


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Anita is a qualified and experienced teacher, who has worked in schools of repute in NCR region and Pune. Passionate about teaching, she has undergone Montessori training as well as done her B.Ed. and has thorough understanding of various modern teaching methodologies. She is a creative, articulate and responsible person who explores opportunities that support continuous learning. She possesses excellent interpersonal skills and is a reliable team member who follows through on assignments consistently and meets commitments. On personal front, she loves to nurture her family of two growing up boys and her life partner who is working as senior executive in MNC. Being a parent who is actively involved in her children’s schooling, she truly believes that education is a cohesive force between the school, the parents and the students and each need to play an active part for the maximum benefit of the child.