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Sound of Jingle bells is all around and Santa is ready with his Sleigh

Dashing through the snow,
In a one horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go
Laughing all the way

Jingle bells jingle bells
Jingle all the way!

Sound of Jingle bells is all around and Santa is ready with his Sleigh

My little one is very excited for Christmas because Santa is going to give him some gift. Yesterday when we were talking about what he would like to have from Santa this year then he said, he will write a letter to Santa with his wish list. He innocently mentioned that I love “Hot Wheels” toys but I already have cars, trucks, planes and bikes so he will be more than happy if Santa could bring him a “Hot Wheels” Space-Ship this time. I curiously asked why he mentioned that he has already got cars, trucks, planes and bikes. Then he said there should not be any room for confusion so making my wish very clear to Santa. I was smiling ..

Then suddenly he said I wanted to ask some questions to Santa, I said what!!! He said yes, quite a few things are always boggling my head. I said oh really…he said yes…Then I asked him to put it on a paper what all your questions are. To my surprise he asked:

  •  Santa how do you manage wish list of all the kids in the world. Do you have any computer or any magic to maintain that?

  •  Are you a one person or you have some clones because I feel it is impossible to cover whole world in one day?
  • My mom told me last year, Santa comes from Chimney, but we don’t have any. How would you come in then?
  • How do you park your sleigh on the roof which is slopy?
  • I have seen from last few years that you are wearing same dress every time. As you come dashing through the snow, I am sure they are woolen clothes. But I read in my books that Christmas in Australia falls in summers. So do you go there in jeans & t-shirt? I mean how?
  •  Do you also know there are many people who fake to be Santa, wearing the same dress, so is there any way to recognize the real one…?
I was completely perplexed looking at his list of questions but today’s kids imagination is way beyond any boundaries.


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Rumi Ravindern is dynamic and charged-up IT professional currently works with Infosys as Business Intelligence Consultant. Prior to Infosys she worked with renowned organizations like John Deere, Hella India Electronics and KPIT. She is a MBA in finance and Engineering graduate in Electronics & Communication. Apart from her IT profession she is associated with NGO “The Talmale Society” which mainly works for betterment of girl child and old age people. An entrepreneur at heart, she always on the lookout for opportunities to live life to the fullest. Her personal mantra is to stay happy, keep fit and make a difference to all that she does.She thinks that being associated with social causes in the past has been a strong influence in her decision to participate and work actively as Brand ambassador for School Khojo. What started off as an opportunity to work as BA, grew into something that revealed her true calling in life – giving back to the community and bringing about a positive change in the process.Being a BA is all about making a lasting difference while staying authentic as a person and a responsible MOM. She have firm faith in famous quote “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”