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Stop being a Super Mom!
Being a Mom is challenging! Most of the times, we are compelled to do everything the right way. We are in our 'Super Mom' mode - dishes to be done, groceries to be bought, meals to get ready, house errands - the list is endless. Minutes creep into hours, hours into days and with the blink of an eye, the week is over - Poof!

How many of us moms feel that way? Nodding your head? Well then, Moms - we need to change our lives and start living! Easily said than done, right? I was a person who always aimed for perfection in everything - my attire, my job, being the perfect mother / daughter and honestly, I was stressed. Then, one fine day, out of the blues, I could take it no more. I was feeling terribly claustrophobic and walked out alone to the nearest coffee shop. Believe me, it was one of the best decisions I made for myself. It cleared my head and made me realize, what is it am I trying to achieve? An award, a trophy, some appreciation? Well, mothers our is one of the most thankless jobs and since not everyone realizes our worth, we must take matters that concerns us, into our hands. 

Thanks to motherhood, I have now become handle-a-situation-as-it comes, mom. I would like to share some of my tips to unwind and avoid burnout:

1. Slow Down, Stop feeling Guilty - A week's laundry pending, stacks of books unread, a 10-minute nap - don't feel guilty. There is no monetary penalty to pay. Instead, plan your day in advance, make a list and prioritize. Slowly but steadily you will be amazed at the results. 

2. Invest in 'Me' time - Think about it, spending just 15-20 minutes of 24 hours on yourself, is nothing at all. Give yourself the chance to relax and do whatever you enjoy. It could be meeting a friend, reading a book or a mini spa visit. You will be surprised how a little bit of 'me' time, lifts your spirits and actually, gets your re-energized. 

3. Give yourself the permission 'To Fail' - Yes, you heard it right! Our children pick up a majority of our habits - good and bad. There never is or will be a perfect situation or person. It is okay to fail and by accepting this, we teach our children the most important lesson - to never give up and turn those stumbling block situations into stepping stones. 

Mothers, our children do not care if the linen is dirty, clothes not ironed or if the dusting is done. For them, the smaller things in life matter - pats, hugs, kisses and our time spent listening to them. They will forever remember how you made them feel more than what you gave them. So moms, whenever you feel like you are living the life of a speeding bullet train - Stop being a Super Mom! As the famous author, David Allen rightly says, "You can do Anything, But not Everything".


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Olga Drakshan, words that best describe her - determined, honest and loyal. A Commerce graduate with majors in Banking & Finance, Auditing and Taxation, she has more that 10 years of varied professional experience from Kuwait. However, it was only during her brief stint with IDP Australia that she realised how much she loved working in the field of education. While searching schools for her own children, she noticed how most schools painted a beautiful picture of themselves but neglected to maintain the basic levels of safety, sanitation or proper infrastructure. Her continued quest for a good school led her to, a genuine initiative by Madhurie Singh. Her interactions with Madhurie and a deeper understanding of the vision of SchoolKhojo, only reinforced her desire to be more involved in the Education system. SchoolKhojo has given Olga an opportunity to team up with like-minded moms, who promise to strive tirelessly in bringing about the much-needed change in schools and their functioning. She will always be thankful to Madhurie, who not only welcomed her into the School of Brand Ambassadors but gave wings to her dreams. “There never will be a perfect school, but unitedly parents, schools and the team of SchoolKhojo can help create an excellent one!”, says Olga.