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Ten Tips to Help Your Child Find His/Her Interests and Hobbies

One of the most fascinating things I love as a Mom is watching my children find their interests and passions.  Helping my children explore activities to see what they like and what they don’t care for at all is part of seeing their personalities unfold. We have no idea when they are born what a child’s innate passions and talents will be. Honoring their evolving interests, what seems to intrigue them, rather than what we think would be great for them to do, is key to helping them develop a strong sense of self.

Right now as my children are toddlers and preschoolers, I  help them explore different skills that I think would be fun and useful from art and music to swimming, dance or tumbling. As they get a bit older, everything from sports like hockey or karate to youth theatre will fancy them. I love how obvious it usually becomes what is going to be their “Thing” vs. what is clearly just not meant to be.

My children are 2 years and 3 years respectively and have started on the journey of exploring.

Their  hobby is exploring with colours in the form of clay, water paints crayons etc as of now. Whenever I sit with them when they want to do an activity it's just amazing to see the excitement in their eyes with colours around them.

Every child has some hobby or talent that needs to be figured out and encourage them  to excel in.

Ten Tips to Help Your Child Find His/Her Interests and Hobbies I would Like to Follow are:-

1) Test them by enrolling them in some short term or free sessions of some hobby class.

2 ) Similarly, minimize investment in equipment, clothing, accessories until you are confident your child loves an activity and will stick with it

3) Find opportunities to expose your children to different kinds of activities to see what actually interests them.

4) Check out different options and places to pursue your child’s interests based on their needs and your priorities.

5) Learn what you can about the activities your child particularly likes. Be aware that some take more time, patience (yours and your child’s), or financial commitment.

6) Watch for how some activities and events may evolve over time as children get older.

7) Do not try to make them follow what we would like them to excel in.Watch how they are interacting and behaving in an activity to see if this is what they want to do so they don’t feel they have to please us.

8) Every child will find things they love to do, but not every child is meant to be an athlete, an artist, a dancer or a musician. Most of us have innate talents that will start presenting themselves given gentle encouragement.

9) It is important to know the delicate balance of when to let a child quit an activity. If I do find my kids not enjoying and showing much interest in an activity after a few weeks, I will let them quit and move on to other activities.

10) Each child develops their own passions, what one loves a sibling might dislike.

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