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Why do we learn prime numbers?
Try asking any one this simple question.

"Why should you learn prime number?"

And the most common answer you will hear is this "Because prime numbers will be used in the future math problems."

Now that is hilarious and not true. 

The real reason is as follows:

When the passwords began to be used by the banks, it was very important that they were not easily hacked. 

Everyone tried every possible way to safeguard the password which is just 4 digit long. 

That's when the prime numbers were used. 

The banks then took two very large prime numbers and multiplied them together. The result was then multiplied with the user's 4 digit password. This answer was later encrypted and saved. 

No one in the bank knows what these two prime numbers are as they are randomly generated by computer every day. 

To manually calculate the two prime number that are 100 digit each, it will take years. Super computer takes months too to find out the two prime numbers used in any bank.

After you learn this fact and share it with your children, the prime numbers will no longer be the boring numbers.


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